Dark In The Boy’s Anniversary!

Yay, happy blog-birthday to me! This is quite a milestone:

Happy Anniversary DITB!

Congratulations for being a loyal user of WordPress services for five years. Pretty cool, I guess. If cool means being a perpetual loner who finds happiness on the internet then yeah, I’m the funking bomb diggity fives years running son! Thanks WordPress, but really I’d appreciate it more if you’d get back to me on that Ads-Manager deal-e-o. You know.

Never thought I’d commit so much time to this blog. I didn’t even know what the heck blogging meant when I started, hence the randomness and why my first posts were poems and a Queens of the Stone Age YouTube vid.

Thanks for visiting me 🙂 My hope is that every now-and-then one of you surfers will read or see something on here that will make you smile or think. That is enough for me and that’s all anyone can hope for really. This is the nature of the internet after all; to vicariously feel for things we cannot touch and experience moments of genuine surprise. Even though you and I don’t completely know each other; because of you, this medium, expressing my thoughts; I don’t feel so alone. I guess this is what blogging for me comes down to — attempting to connect a feeling of disconnect — unless someone out there has a behavioural profile to throw at me and debunk my introspection?

I may be a bit cynical about being congratulated and praised in general but only because, more often than not, it is I who should be grateful. Thanks WordPress, for reminding me that five years is an extremely long fucking time 😛

~ by Fionnlagh on October 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Dark In The Boy’s Anniversary!”

  1. Happy anniversary and congrats on 5 years Fin.

    “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it” – WS

  2. QueenBeak you’re alive!!! Thank you, that means something coming from you 😀 I appreciate your thoughts, and that quote, my goodness, it’s just so, elite. It’s nice to know your presence. And for some reason I feel like eating ice cream now 😕

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