Baklava with Fellow Writerly Folks [F]

The Creative Writing on Campus Club organized a small get together to wrap 2013 up and pass the torch on to next year’s organizers. Yes I am a member and yes of course I attended. I entered the room as the two current organizers, Saiya and Cris, were exchanging details with Lydia and Zire, the new CWOC organizers for 2014. I couldn’t tell if they were surprised to see me or not. It was funny because out of the 52 invited and the 10+ members who RSVP’d to attend on Facebook, I was the only non exec-member who actually bothered to show up, so all the relevant info was just being relayed to me. The low attendance percentage is understandable considering the exam period and people’s general reservation towards socializing among unfamiliar faces, but I was honestly expecting at least some members to make an appearance, say thanks and get their membership’s worth or at the very least, give criticism and demand their money back, make a huge scene and expel all their exam frustrations, or whatever. There’s always next year I suppose. Announcements were made then the wind-down followed.

Between the five of us conversing from a room in the Arts One building, through Albert Park to Mezze Bar on Durham Street East, we each had our own interesting tidbits of knowledge and inspiration to share about ourselves, creative writing and any subsequent cobwebs of thought that followed.

CWOC 2013 Wrap - Copy

Mezze had a mediterranean-esq interior with a faint aroma of blue cheese and Colombian coffee beans; an acquired atmosphere. The locale was Saiya’s suggestion and just another reason why I’m happy to have been part of the club. My own preferred hang, Renkon, happens to be directly opposite the street, so next time I ever feel like a baklava I’ll know where to go. Unlikely that will happen often, but it’s nice to have an expanded awareness of the city’s hidden bars and nosheries.

All I wanted was desert (major sweet tooth), but the food definitely treated the taste buds too. Thanks Cris, Saiya, Lydia, Zire. Conversation was healthy, insightful, and an intimate finish to a blurry academic first year. Our talks, ideas and stories belong to us, but to any story/book junkies out there, if anyone of the peeps in the photo above publishes their work it is going to be a mega hit. I doubt they’d all agree with me, which is why I believe it to be true. Come 2014, why don’t you join the club?

~ by Fionnlagh on November 18, 2013.

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