Star Wars Downunder [fan film]

Sweet b-b-bugery this is amber quality fan movie-making at its finest. I was had at the Ned Kelly Stormtroopers force-throwing lighterangs, and the Aussie colloquialisms and Strayan accents lifted this quest to restore balance to the galaxy to a higher standard of humour I’ve not come to expect of any fan film (or recent Star Wars films for that matter) This is a beaut!

Set in the Australian outback, Darth Drongo has horded all the beer, a magnificent substance that centers one’s mind and binds all manner of life — as every Jedi and Australian knows. Watch this epic 30 minute tale in all its sound effects, soundtrack quality, extras and CGI glory:

Wotta bloody rippa! My attention span was rewarded with LOZ and I can’t help but feel like a cold one too. The pressure is now on, Disney. Your move Jar Jar Abrams, I will be comparing.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 21, 2013.

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