Snowflakes: Phenomenal Pieces of Frozen Molecule Art

Snowflakes are a combination of chemistry and nature’s persuasion culminating in a fleeting array of beauty that can only be described as serendipitous. There’s absolutely no reason why snowflakes have to look so pretty, but they just gosh darn are!

Alexey Kljatov_12

Could you believe that an outdated, consumer model camera and a few strips of gaffer tape could be converted into a high-definition macro capturing tool powerful enough it’d make the Hubble telescope blush in envy? Lucky for the skeptics, Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has photographic evidence of how this inexpensive DIY feat can be done. Kljatov’s technique; he removed a 44M-5 Helios lens from an ancient Russian Zenit camera and attached it backwards to a (2010 model I think) Canon Powershot A650:

Here are the stunning results — see more @ Alexey Kljatov flickr page (ChaoticMind75):

How do water molecules naturally form to become teeny tiny flakes of frozen geometric shapes? If only I could find a short, informative video on the process. …Found:

~ by Fionnlagh on December 4, 2013.

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