Maginoo at Binibining Filipino New Zealand Pageant 2014 — Vote For Shekinah Delos Santos

Made a friend in my Freedom, Rights and Justice course last year and she sent me this invitation today. Not a fan of the word Pageant, but essentially, of the 14 contestants, organizers are looking for a poster-child worthy of upholding good values and encouraging involvement in Community Service in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Maginoo at Binibining Filipino New Zealand Pageant 2014 - Copy

19 year-old Shekinah Delos Santos is cool (she befriended me for cripes sake) and she already has 1,727 likes/votes to her name. Keep your votes coming in people, although I have to say, I think Shekinah, you’d have way more if your profile mentioned how much of a hardcore League of Legends gamer geek you are 😛

“I am studying communication/law in AUT. I have a passion for music, fashion, film-making and fitness. My career ambition is to become a successful journalist or lawyer. However, my ultimate goal is to get through life as a happy and healthy human being.”





Objectives for this Charity Event: Fundraise for youths and their families affected by the ravages of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Mission Statement: To Empower Filipino Youth via Cultural Events

CLOSING DATE: 14th February 2014 at 12noon

~ by Fionnlagh on January 27, 2014.

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