There are approximately 7.046 billion emotional human beings in the world with the population forever waxing and waning in the bonds of human folly and life expectancies. We meet people every day, every month, every year and sometimes along the way we make special connections with people from all walks of life and generations. When we ignore the serendipitous nature of those connections we become memories and soon after strangers in the eyes of each another. It sucks when this happens. Many feel the burden of loss more than most, even the simplest dialogue or passing glance can weigh heavy on the mind. Being ignored and missing someone are two terrible feelings, feelings we run and hide from behind our ignorance of how interesting, special and unique each and every person truly is — a simple fact of human nature that we so easily forget; faded truths, shrouded among the simulations of our own personal realities. We are all the same — unique, emotional human beings.

Does true love exist? Is there such a thing as a soulmate? Unequivocally yes! If you believe there is. Of the infinite thoughts and feelings I have for each individual I have ever known and ever will, there is only one who I want. That one exception among many who will literally mean the world to me. To be for and have. If soulmates do exist then it takes an adventurous heart to discover them, not just fortunate happenstance. I choose to believe that I am here because I belong to someone, because if I am loved, then my existence is justified and she is all who I will ever want to belong to for the rest of my life. One to love and be loved by is all any one really needs. You are not alone. This isn’t mindless dribble, its simple logic. The probability of finding that one someone to love in this vast variety of peoples living their lives somewhere here on Earth is exceptionally high. Earth is a small world after all (not to mention years of genetic evolution and sexual selection is on our side.) I believe that recognition and acknowledgment of the presence of someone’s love is the first key step in achieving it for ourselves. Love is real and the only thing worth chasing and fighting for, so believe that you are unique and made for love and you may just find someone who feels the same way. Be true to yourself and never pass up an invitation to get to know someone; it may just be the only true gift we have to give one another in this life.

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you attract to you the incarnation of your desires.

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~ by Fionnlagh on February 14, 2014.

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