Mediocracy on Campus (me venting) [F]

*Sigh* I have to write this off because I don’t know what just happened. I applied to enroll in a course I could not get in simply because I didn’t meet the stage one prerequisites for it. Fine. I applied online for an enrollment concession to take that course and stated my claim in writing. That request was denied. Fine. So I then enrolled in the prerequisite course just so I could get into the actual course I wanted from the start. I went to the student services centre and a girl behind the desk handed me a form to fill out called a ‘concession decision reconsideration’ request form, which meant I could reprieve the department’s decision of denial. I took that form straight to the department of the course I wanted and it was approved and signed by the department’s own HOD, Tim Dare right there and then. Awesome. I took that form back to the student services centre where a different girl behind the desk refused to process my approved application into the fucking course I spent all my energy and time trying to get into FUCK!!!

Just like that, a “no sorry can’t help you” and that was her job, done. Effortless. She was obviously advised by her superiors to decline student concessions at that time, which is funny because the 14th is the official enrollment closing date for this semester. That is two days away, and not ‘that time.’ She consorted with my academic records to double-check I had already applied for a concession. By that point I thought everything would be fine, but she ultimately deduced the workload involved in processing my future with a simple no and a fakeass smile. Moments like these, I really hate conformity.

I have a few images in mind that would go well with this post, but I’ll just embed the music video to the song that was playing on the radio in the student services centre while HOD authority was being discharged by this one hard to please desk biatch.

At least now I have something to channel towards my next sestina poem — Six stanzas of FUCK EFFORT!

~ by Fionnlagh on March 12, 2014.

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