“PLANETOID” Adaptation in the Works, Thanks to Morgan Freeman! [comics]

Planetoid - Cover

Silas, evades pursuing alien militants only to crash-land on an artificial planetoid in alien territory. Stranded and alone, Silas comes across enormous and deadly mechanical creatures, meets nomadic derelicts, and discovers a possible way off the metal world. PLANETOID is a simple story and one that has been told in many different ways and genres the world over, but what makes it special is how controlled and cinematic Ken Garing has structured this 5-issue mini-epic through his panels of minimal dialogue and exquisite details — Great storytelling.


Morgan Freeman and his production company, Revelations Entertainment, have optioned the rights to the 2012 Image Comics series “PLANETOID,” by creator Ken Garing. The project is already in the development stage. No word yet on how Freeman will be involved, but it looks like he will be producing in some capacity. The post-apocalyptic space tale’s official synopsis reads:

MY PLANETOID!!!Silas, an ex-soldier turned space pirate, finds himself stranded on a mysterious planet in alien territory. As he explores the long-abandoned industrial ruins of the planet’s surface, he will have to fend off roving cyborg militias and a hostile alien military with a bounty on his head. Ultimately, Silas will have to build a coalition amongst the planetoid’s nomadic tribes to make a final stand against the larger tyrannical forces that rule over them.

Anything remotely resembling PLANETOID would make me very happy, but Morgan Freeman is a sure bet that this sci-fi adventure will be damn good. I’m certain your local comic shop would have a few 3rd printings in stock, but in case you can’t wait, the entire series is available for digital download @ Comixology.com


And this official statement from Ken Garing’s blog (Tuesday, April 29, 2014) promises that there is indeed a sequel in the works:

“My primary focus now is the PLANETOID sequel. It’s well under way but I want to get most of the issues completed before soliciting the series. I hope to have issues coming out later this year. I also have a large collection of short story work that I hope to have published sometime soon…” ~ Kengaring.blogspot.co.nz






planetoid panels


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