Someone Dies in HARBINGER #23 [comics]

On Wednesday, a Renegade will fall. Valiant’s ongoing series will kill off one of the main characters from Peter Stanchek’s super-powered group of renegades. They each have their own quirks and strengths within the team dynamic, but I can see why a death may be needed to fuel everyone’s resolve — the story’s arc of revenge is dwindling.

My prediction — I have the feeling that Charlene Dupre/Flamingo (power to generate and control flames) will die. She was an exotic dancer with a troubled past and in an even worse relationship. Her biggest character development happened in the first couple of issues of her introduction and ever since she’s been a really cool friend and voice of reason to Faith Herbert/Zephyr/Zeppelin (ability to fly) and John Torkelson/Torque (powers of enormous strength and durability). Flamingo felt fully fleshed out right from the get-go, but to me now, she’s lost her hot-headed, sassy flame.


I hope I’m wrong though.

~ by Fionnlagh on May 26, 2014.

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