$tarting July With Commitments [F]

DUI stopCar Crashes into Bike Race in Mexico ...ace driving

ARHG! Last month began with a speeding ticket ($81), followed the next week with a parking ticket ($200), the next week after that with a failed warrant of fitness check and service ($300), shortly after, rust repair to the left-hand passenger door at a panelbeater who only accepted upfront payments by either cash or cheque ($200), and finally, today, all that stress had come to an end as I renewed my registration for the next three months ($70). Believe it or not, I actually have a life (and don’t let the pictures fool you I am a good driver), but these past few weeks have been all about getting my car and expenses sorted. What a relief it is to not have to think about money. I AM FREEEEEEE!

And the cherry on top; I came home and fixed the toilet which made me feel productive and rather proud of myself. Turns out there was a twist tie obstructing the flush valve from sitting on the release pipe properly, but those are details I will keep to myself when the household wishes to thank me for my natural talents. Free plumbing is like a miracle in Auckland. It was meant to be.

July is film festival month so I’m happy about that too. Unfortunately however, before I was able to properly settle and enjoy my semester break, I was reminded with a phone-call from Tim about the commitment I had made to helping him fix instruments during this time. It figures; just when I was mentally free to have fun and drive wherever I wanted. Why do I feel like every situation of angst I face is somehow directly related to my faults as a human being? Dammit July!

If you have a wind instrument that is in need of service and repair, contact Tim Berger of Accent Music®, www.saxfix.com. Chances are, if the problem’s big enough it will probably be couriered to him anyway. He also happens to be an inventor with several patents pending, so you can trust that your instrument will be in exceptional hands.

~ by Fionnlagh on July 3, 2014.

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