LED Parkour Illusion for Lexus

lexusstrobe 1792365736378078634lexusstrobe 2lexus-parkour-led-720x402 2lexusstrobe 3

Directed by Alec Berg as part of Lexus’ Amazing in Motion series; dozens of stuntmen, martial arts experts and acrobatic performers were rigged up all over the Kuala Lumpur skyline in LED suits to give the illusion of a single parkour athlete crossing the city — could this be the ‘coolest’ car advertisement ever made?

I think it may be, although, it’s not like I have memorized car advertisements all my life, so not only does it win by default, it leaves us with a striking piece of kinetic art to admire that will probably out last the success of the car model. I don’t have the money to afford it, but thanks for the entertainment Lexus. Behind the scenes footage here:

STROBE showcases Lexus’ innovative design and technology through imagination and is the third in the Amazing in Motion project series — Visit amazinginmotion.com to experience the other projects.

~ by Fionnlagh on July 8, 2014.

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