A Crash Course in The American Film Industry: 101

Do you know how many books I had to read to get this information!!! That’s how informative this is. CineFix debuts its Film School’d series with a brief history of American filmmaking. From the ancient Romans to Netflix and YouTube, this fascinating tale is propelled by technology, accidents, greed and creativity. So, how did a $25,000 bet give rise to the modern film industry, you ask:

“Welcome to Film School… ‘D… Every other Wednesday, come back to Cinefix to check out Film School’d where we only scratch the surface of the bizarre history of moviemaking and films, stories that don’t exist in a vacuum, but involve countries, wars, atom bombs, car crashes, samurais, boats, organized crime, unorganized crime, easy riders, a sled, lovers good and bad, and well… you get it. We cover everything from the zeotrope to this video and the future.”

~ by Fionnlagh on July 22, 2014.

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