41 Tattoos of Homer — Lee Weir, Ay Caramba!

This story came to my attention after comedian Dai Henwood mentioned his familiar name on 7Days. Ay caramba indeed. I’m not reacting to the fact that he has a silly world record for having the most iconic character from the most famous and funny animated sitcom known to man adorning his left arm, but because I went to college with this guy, and he was a bit of a dick. To me anyway. How diddly doodly ironic I find this. But let’s (try) not make this about me. To be fair, he was well-known throughout the school as being a funny guy. Assertive too. Who knew we could have bonded over something? I didn’t know Lee well in college but he definitely left me with more of a Nelson Muntz impression. *Grinds teeth* Con-grad-u-la-tions Lee, on your temporary sobriety, and your tattoo-artist, Ben Jenkins did a neat job too.

Lee Weir, 27, went alcohol-free last year, using the money he would have spent on beer to pay for his tattoos.

The Homer sleeve took more than 25 hours to complete, cost more than $2,000 and Weir had to show a dermatologist report to Guinness World Records officials before the record could be confirmed, according to the Daily Mail.

The Simpsons is a record-holder in its own right, with world records for both the longest-running sitcom on US TV (546 episodes), and the most Emmy Awards won by an animated TV series (28 awards). [see guinnessworldrecords.com]

Doh! A girl I know said something nice about this through Facebook; “looks awesome Lee! 🙂 haters hate, mangers manage, players play and alligators alligate 😉 “ I’m sure I fall into one of those categories. Sigh…OK. Sincere congrats dude. I suppose happiness is an elusive and rare enough thing without all the haters.*

~ by Fionnlagh on July 26, 2014.

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