The Cement Skeletons of Mexico by Artist Isaac Cordal

I love this idea. Unlike found object art (often a discarded object or product with a non-art function, presented in a juxtaposed environment in the hopes of inducing some sort of provocative or aesthetically pleasing response in others) I don’t see this as relocated litter. I consider these creative and beautifying the urban landscape we have all, to an extent, become desensitized to experiencing — in other words; I think these miniature sculptures of the dead breathe life into an otherwise bleak environment, and are just plain neat:


San Cristóbal de las Casa, Chiapas. México.










Isaac Cordal places different miniature statues into his local landscape of Chiapas, Mexico to create an entirely new sense of place once the objects inhabit their chosen situation. Stories develop organically from the objects and, especially with these skeletal versions, take on a metaphorical prowess to the pleasing street art. The meaning behind each tiny sculpture is intentionally ambiguous, it’s impossible to look at each piece without imagining a story.

The pieces often appear in scenes of mourning or despair, as part of what Cordal says is commentary on humankind’s disregard for nature and as foreshadowing of potential consequences. The sculptures can be found in gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters; in many unusual and unlikely places. See more @

~ by Fionnlagh on August 3, 2014.

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