Entertaining Scepticism: Better Late Than Never? [F]

I usually park my car down a residential street near the inner city and catch a bus the rest of the way to university. This morning was no different, except, I saw a Britomart 204 bus coming, but instead of getting on it, I chose not to, deciding instead to wait for the 277 which would arrive a few minutes later. I’ve only ever caught the 277, but as far as I know, the bus routes are probably exactly the same. The thing is, this silly action cost me 5 minutes. I didn’t regret my decision, but I did feel like it was extremely out of character of me to do that.

Shortly after the 204 left, Issie, a girl from one of the papers I took last year turned up. We had never spoken before, and she seemed really cool. We learned we were taking the same paper and sat on the bus together. I don’t want to write a detailed description about what we talked about (even though we shared similar thoughts and conversation came easy; I can’t shake the thought of how she subtly mentioned she had a boyfriend several times despite the fact that we had just met,) but I do have this uncanny urge to relate this moment to an earlier one, where I said and firmly believed that it was better never to show up than show up late. That was wrong. I think I may be developing some profound theory in the back of my mind about time. Or perhaps I’ve just learnt a lesson about beliefs, contradictions and exceptions. I may have been trying to justify my own inadequacies. In either case; we were both late for tutorial, but just this once, I was OK with that.

Never late is probably better but better late than never is fine too. I am inclined to believe, our movements through time are all we have control over, but we move not for ourselves.

No matter how busy you are, you must take time
to make the other person feel important.
~ Mary Kay Ash

Trying your best seems to be a recurring theme in many of my [F] posts, so there must be something important behind that. Something about not giving up. Something about me, or should I say us, as not to sound too egotistical. And as for Issie’s spontaneous relationship status update:

Lolz ^ Not really but sort of yes really XD I joke, we cool.

~ by Fionnlagh on August 5, 2014.

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