The Macaque Monkey Selfie — Wikipedia Won’t Take down Because the Monkey Took It

Could this be the best selfie ever taken? I think so. Long story short; British nature photographer David Slater, while in the volcanic dry tropical rainforest in the far north of Sulawesi, had his camera hijacked by a Macaque monkey who on discovery of the shutter button, took many many many hundreds of photos, with one in particular happening to be this exceptional selfie:


This now famous photo has been exploited over the internet for free (non-profit public domain material) and David Slater wants it taken down because it is jeopardising his income, only Wikimedia, the organisation behind Wikipedia, has refused the photographer’s repeated requests, claiming that because the monkey pressed the shutter button and took the photo, the monkey “owns the copyright” claim, not Slater.

Slater, from Coleford, Gloucestershire, was taking photos of macaques on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 2011 when the animals began to investigate his equipment

What a case! I think the issue has since been resolved, as pictures on Slater’s site now have watermarks over them. What a terrific photo it is though. Doesn’t it seem ironic that a monkey took the best selfie that will ever be taken? You could say, that monkey made a monkey out of people.


~ by Fionnlagh on August 10, 2014.

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