The Good, The Bad, and The Glee Club! [F]

Glee. No, I am not a fan. My friend is however, and she being apart of the University Glee Club, invited me along to her end of year Glee performance. I do not get Glee. But she is my friend, so of course I went along. No hesitation. I found myself entertained by the little unscripted mistakes taking place on stage, such as a dude’s guitar pick flying away from him, a boy’s glasses falling off during his “Eye of the Tiger” a cappella fight/sparring scene, and general missteps and funny dance moves all tickled my funny bone. There was one moment in particular when seven performers broke away to hold up a sign in the background, one letter each of the word “FREEDOM“, but the young lady at the end held her sign the wrong way. I couldn’t let that go:

Freedom...The Good, The Bad, and The Glee Club!

I wasn’t the only one who found such moments funny. But I was probably the only one who went along with absolutely zero expectations of enjoying my time. Seeing my friend smile and sing and dance like she knew she was the best was enough for me that night. After several numbers I realised, they were all in it together, which was admirable and something that couldn’t be laughed at or made fun of. I was among geeks, nerds, and genuinely nice people who weren’t ashamed to put themselves in front of an audience, which was oddly comforting.

During intermission, the women next to me asked if I could move down two seats because her friends had arrived. I obliged, I mean I was sitting among the last three empty seats next to each other in the theatre. In my new unwarmed seat, I looked to my right and found myself sitting next to my friend’s father. We talked. Tried to avoid any awkward conversations about me and his daughter. Nailed it. Her and I are friends and I’m sure he gets it. Unless she told him stuff about me? … The curtains drew and we didn’t acknowledge each other until it was over — My type of cinema/theatre going experience.

After the show ended I offered her and her father a lift home, then I filled up on petrol, resisted the urge of a 24hour drive thru and came back to my always missed bed [and internet]. It was a…good, evening. I have an amazing tolerance for mostly everything, but this doesn’t mean I have a soft spot for Glee now. Ridiculous, contrived happy nonsense. …Hehe, FREEDO 😂


~ by Fionnlagh on October 5, 2014.

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