Creative Photo Collages Pair Athletes in Action with Classical Art Sculptures by Jens Ullrich

These are amazing and I love them much. Such an accurate and fitting juxtaposition, marrying sport athletes with the defined physique of classical, fine art marble statues:

jens_ullrich_flieger_10_20140427_1562793091jens_ullrich_flieger_8_20140427_1400672351jens_ullrich_flieger_12_20140427_1098878207jens_ullrich_flieger_18_20140427_1557945085jens_ullrich_flieger_3_20140427_1772461203 jens_ullrich_flieger_4_20140427_1637635733 jens_ullrich_flieger_9_20140427_2016519216 jens_ullrich_flieger_11_20140427_1467327973 jens_ullrich_flieger_13_20140427_1525868552 jens_ullrich_flieger_15_20140427_1818253687

jens_ullrich_flieger_19_20140427_1993760668 jens_ullrich_flieger_17_20140427_1423518244 jens_ullrich_flieger_20_20140427_1918945658

[Jens Ullrich’s Website / PDF Article]

~ by Fionnlagh on October 6, 2014.

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