‘Tales You Lose’ by Andre Levy

Designer Andre Levy takes everyday coins and hand-paints them with images of pop culture icons from cartoon and movie characters to historical figures, bringing individual character to each replica:

Coins - painting

Coins - jakson thriller Coins - futurama

“We are constantly surrounded by pop figures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gossip magazines. They are sometimes our escape from reality, our fantasies. Coins portray something opposite: the real, the everyday. In beginning 2013, wondering about how some old statues lost their colours through time, I started questioning whether something else could also have vanished beyond the paint.

As an experiment, I decided to bring colour to sculptures which were not conceived as such, and the material I had at my disposal were the coins and their effigies.​ This project is about individual expression in opposition tomassified thinking, about how our personal passions are more worthy than things that are imposed to us. The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories.” ~ Andre Levy

See them all @ http://talesyoulose.tumblr.com/


~ by Fionnlagh on October 9, 2014.

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