Pervert Spotted on University Campus Groping Young Women

Be warned; alleged creep, caught sitting close to girls and feeling their breasts on campus without permission. Keep an eye out — last seen wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt if that helps:


Okay no, I was there and he was in the wrong 100%
1. After interacting with us, he went to sit next too some innocent looking girls, making them extremely uncomfortable to the point where they had to leave the area.

2.We did speak to him and he told us to fuck off and was extremely rude.

3. After speaking to other students and friends of ours, they had also seen him around where he had been behaving with a similar mannerism. Apparently he has been removed from OGGB by security on several occasions, witness by our friend.

So before everyone starts defending him and accusing Connor of attention seeking, I think you should think about the situation as a whole and how the other students which will be affected by this man. Just keep an eye out and stay away from him, that’s all we were warning people about.” ~ Tarryn Ata


~ by Fionnlagh on October 22, 2014.

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