The Importance of Wearing a Seat-Belt, as Demonstrated by This Guy, Flying out of His Car Window upon Impact

The title says it all, but in case you’re still anxious to watch, rest assured, the guy who flies (out of a Jeep I might add) is remarkably, OK. The moron.

Always wear your safety belt. The car is a heavy piece of machinery for fecks sake and there’s no accounting for other drivers on the road. So wise up folks; better safe, than to go through an intimate crash-course in biology meets physics experience. As this rather comical advert from Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) shows, it’s no use putting on safety gear after the fact:

The campaign draws on MNZ’s latest research, which shows that men aged 40 plus are the least likely to zip up on the water. Black humour and ’80s TV show nostalgia are used to deliver the deadly message that having a lifejacket on board won’t save boaties or their mates if things go wrong.

^ I’m not endorsing Macca’s here; it’s just a relevant, stupidly catchy tune ^


~ by Fionnlagh on October 23, 2014.

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