Narcissistic Street Artist Casey Nocket Leaves Her Indelible Mark in (Wait for It) National Park Preservations, with (Wait for It) Arcylic Paints

Holy human history! OMG, this woman is priceless; Artist Casey Nocket has successfully made a name for herself by pissing off America and angering the internet with her National Park graffiti. This is a clear-cut case of vandalism, not only did she do it for notoriety admitting she knew that what she was doing was wrong and recorded her actions via social media, but her doodles are shit. Don’t take my word for that of course; I just think they’re shitty doodles is all, and on such naturally beautiful scenic splendor:


Nocket toured ten national parks, leaving her figurative “graffiti” doodles on natural surfaces and documenting her process on Instagram. Most graffiti artists know not to post their illegal paintings on social media unless they want to get popped, but Nocket took another approach, getting herself busted quickly. Her work was created with acrylic paint, and it seems she might’ve been cut more slack by environmentalists if she’d had the sense to use chalk instead. But now this artist is infamous worldwide, and isn’t that all an emerging, self-proclaimed graffiti artist could hope for? Maybe she’ll be famous in prison soon, too.

The news of Nocket’s activities — and they are crimes, according to the National Parks Service — was broken by two hiking blogs, Modern Hiker and, after Nocket’s Instagram feed was posted on Reddit.

Before she made her Instagram account “creepytings” private, Nocket had posted several photos of her “works” at notable national parks such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Death Valley. On one of her Instagram posts, she admitted that she was using acrylic paint (and not chalk), later stating in the same thread, “I know I’m a bad person.”

Please excuse my derogatory language, but; this bitch is cray-cray! Is there a blonde joke to be made here, or is the magnitude of her actions way too serious to be funny?

“Don’t be a #caseynocket!

OK, I’ve got one; ‘you’re so blonde, you intentionally drew shitty doodles over cave art petroglyphs and pictographs that were some of the only sources of artistic expression for cultures that existed thousands of years ago. HAHAHAHAHAHA:/ Yeah, too serious.

Silly woman, this is something precious we — as in, humanity — can’t ever get back, and she single-handedly managed to fuck it up for so many generations of people. Someone give this bitch a medal, she transcended, next level cray.


~ by Fionnlagh on October 28, 2014.

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