Can You Survive? A Deadly Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure!

This is fun, really well made and features some of the funniest final last words, ever:

Felicia Day / Michelle Glavan / GloZell / Sparky Sweets / Tay Zonday / FouseyTube / Steve Zaragoza

A party guest has disturbed the spirit of the house, and one by one, the party guests are gruesomely killed off! The partygoers split up and YOU get to choose who you join up with! Do you — FLEE, INVESTIGATE or KEEP PARTYING?

Depending on what you choose, you and the other party guests could meet one of several grizzly ends — only one path leads to safety — you must reverse the curse on the house and save what’s left of your friends!


~ by Fionnlagh on October 30, 2014.

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