10 Hours of Walking in LA as a Drag Queen

Alright, I have a sense of humour and I get the intention behind this video, the makers even state it in their disclaimer; “(This Video is a comedy parody and have NO intentions in disrespect to the ORIGINAL)“:

As parody as this is meant to be, ironically it is still relevant to the original issue of catcalling; victims of this behaviour will always be women, even in parody; not to mention, there is a difference of intentions between the two videos and talents walking the streets as well. What this video proves is that identity profiling is very much impersonal regardless of gender, and catcalling shouldn’t be looked at as a single-sex issue if things are to change. One’s behavior isn’t dictated by one’s genitals, in relation to other people’s perceived genitalia… OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

Believe it or not, there are nicer ways to show appreciation towards one another.


~ by Fionnlagh on November 3, 2014.

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