Monster Energy Drink Is The Devil’s Work

Well it is, according to one Mama.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investing the circumstances of five deaths and one heart attack that might have Monster Energy Drinks as a contributing factor. -

…Close enough. Because of my unparalleled high tolerance level and curiosity in people, I have watched more than a few conspiracy theorists drone on, and on, and on about their wacky ideas, but this one is slightly more plausible, albeit still wacky. I’m unsure about the whole evil, satanic symbolism and worshiping angle, but if Monster Beverage Corporation’s marketing strategy hasn’t anything to do with subtextualising religious undertones, then Monster Energy Drink is just a remarkably coincidental, abstract product. … Hear what this mother has to say about it:

From a corporate agenda/marketing perspective, she’s probably right. Her intentions I mean — any good mother wouldn’t want her children spending their money on indulgent products with scant nutritional value. She has picked up on the product’s business model that allows it a sale and consumption, which is through striking imagery and crude grammar. I agree with this women there, but linking it to anything beyond the empirical is not going to convince people that what she is saying isn’t pure cray. Stuff tastes like shite anyway. Now, go drink yourself some high quality H2O.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 17, 2014.

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