Final Fantasy VIII HD Remake — Yes Please! & Squall Leonhart’s Gunblade, Made For Realsies

First thing — No, there was never any official mention about FFVIII being remade for any platform at any time. Scott Honeycutt, a talented 3D environmental artist created these impressive renders of Balamb Gardens that have stirred many fans to talking about a remake in various Japanese web forums. It is unlikely any remake of FFVII or FFVIII will be remade any time soon simply because the devoted game developers regard those two in particular as being quite sacred and classic. Simply put; why change what ain’t broke?


Honeycutt says, “Models, UVs and baking in 3ds Max, textures made with Photoshop and Quixel suite, render and materials in Unreal [Engine] 4. This is a game environment art portfolio piece made of low poly models with normal maps applied, and it uses a physically based rendering setup with metallic and roughness values.”

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If there was to be a HD remake though, then maybe this moment wouldn’t be so funny:

ffviii - best looking guy

Speaking of devotion, watch as these modern-day blacksmiths forge the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII, right down to the underestimated details of cartridges and weight distribution:

~ by Fionnlagh on November 25, 2014.

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