Was My Tuesday Better than Yours?

Rebecca Coleman-Smith - Ha! Screw your Tues. Mine just kicked yours in the ass! 2.12.2014

Photo taken by Rebecca ColemanSmith of Duchess DeBerry

Yes. Thank you ladies of Dr. Sketchy for a fun night. I learnt that, well, I didn’t really learn anything, except that things that are incredibly frustrating in real life — such as tinsel — are also frustrating trying to draw. And I mean that from an artistic perspective and not because it happened to obscure my line of sight to her butt, I mean pose.

2014-12-03 00.51.30

2014-12-02 23.57.03


10858529_10152864054183328_3523477897337221317_n      10849877_10152864052558328_2456152563350401167_n


Photos taken by Moppie Andrew.

~ by Fionnlagh on December 2, 2014.

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