Where Dipshits & Fuckwits Thrive / Human Mosquitoes

Dear citizens of the human race,

Please don’t let the derogatory online opinions of others get to you, especially those coming from people with a record for writing crude articles you do not agree with. Pity such people, because they have chosen to be naive antagonisers who have bullshitted themselves in their own unambitious little worlds. These are the real losers of planet Earth. Who you are is who you are for a damn good and special reason, and no outsider could possibly imagine living through your life or fathom an ounce of free-thought and love the way you can. You are a unique individual, and anyone who has the gald to devalue an individual’s uniqueness to nothing more than a derogatory label is clearly an idiot. An A-grade tool on the fuckwit-o-metre. Such negative people will always make others angry, simply because, we all intuitively know deep down when someone is wrong and ignorant of all those truths ringing within our very souls. Always standing for who we are and what is right. So please, don’t let some dipshit who gets paid regardless of his or her intentions or content get you down. They know shit about shit and the archives of their shit writing will just go to prove that. You, yes you, you are beautiful, and the world is lucky to have you in it. Just remember, you will always be loved. Dipshits on the other-hand can fuck themselves and decay for anyone really cares. Who loves them? They’re like mosquitoes; I don’t want to hurt any but when they start nipping for my blood, man, my hands are all flamenco tango hand clapping and shit. And who ever misses a dead mosquito? Don’t catch their hate, citizens. Trust.

I write this because I read a friend’s response to an article about why women with tattoos and piercings are broken sluts, and it upset me. It upset me because I don’t know where to begin to express how absolutely wrong and awful everything the person who wrote the article is, or how to tell my tatted friend that I think she’s pretty fucking cool, just the way she is, and for giving a shit and putting her voice forward.

Just because someone has a platform and regular followers does not mean that that someone and what they have to say has any credibility or truth for anyone else besides them and their little jerk circle. We all have to figure out who we are and what we choose to believe in, in this life. It’s not only obviously rude, but anyone who presumes to know all there is to know about women based on something as alterable as their outer appearance is a fucking attention-seeking assclown. Ignorant haters and naysayers alike (or fuckwits/dipshits as I like to call them) will always be mistaken about others, because they are mistaken about life. You know what, fuck it, I wasn’t going to call anyone out, but fuck this guy right here and his stupid misogynistic article/s about women:

Matt Forney fatfuckDarkintheboy's Alice Tattooed meme

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” ~ Oscar Wilde. The vast internet is a great, non-discriminant place for the young and old alike who share that unquenchable thirst for knowledge, entertainment and connectivity. This unfortunately is also part of the reason why fuckwits take, like flies to shit — where ignorant unambitious haters thrive. We are all awesome, people. Fail to recognize that and you degenerate to a, Matt Forney, of sorts.


Read these toxic thoughts at your own risk. Don’t bother responding to the article though, trust me, no one on the other end of that website has a clue.

1 reason you're a fuckwit

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2 r

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4 r

5 r

returnofkings my ass

…Piss off.

~ by Fionnlagh on February 6, 2015.

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