Where Chris Brown & Dragonball Z Meet — An Unexpected Google Search Find

While Google searching for a Dragon Ball Z picture to include in the last post, I came across one out-of-place and messed up image:

dragon ball z gifs

Coincidentally, after finding this, President Barack Obama gave an important speech at the 2015 Grammy Awards shedding light on sexual violence against women (NZ television), followed by an on stage speech from domestic violence survivor, Brooke Axtell, and an emotional performance by Katy Perry singing “By The Grace Of God”.

Obama listed statistics such as one in five women being raped or dealing with an attempted rape and one in four women facing domestic violence. He noted these disturbing statistics had to stop and said artists, like those attending the Grammy Awards, could help; “Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes and get us thinking and talking about what matters. And all of us in our own lives have the power to set an example,” he added.

itsonus pledge

Meanwhile, Chris Brown is nominated for three awards… Must have been an awkward moment for the guy, but not really I bet, he is celebrating at the Grammys after all. Time and a little community service heals all I guess, right?

found while google searching for 'dragon ball z gif'

I’m mentioning Chris Brown because of this messed up GIF, but really, a lot of music Hall of Fame inductees are known for lashing out at women — but a lot more have power to influence change. Seems like a major double standard on the Grammys part though.

That GIF really polarises the severity of the issue, also, how serendipitous was all this. And for those who are Chris Brown sympathizers, can one of you explain this tattoo on the side of his neck for me? Who or what is it meant to be a representation of?

Chris Brown's tattoo looks like the face of a battered woman

His body art sadly is reminiscent of that one time he balled-up fist and went roundhouse on Rihanna. Or am I wrong in thinking his tattoo looks like the face of a battered woman? I have a feeling Obama’s message wasn’t referring to this guy for help, at all. #ItsOnUs

Ozp9WAV  aGDJZus

Preach! And Dragon Ball Z GIFS.

~ by Fionnlagh on February 10, 2015.

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