FIRST PERSON LOVER — The Bizarrely Fashionable Video Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Play

First Person Lover - Title

Björn Borg™ (former World No. 1 tennis player from Sweden) branded sportswear, together with Swedish developer ISBIT GAMES, developed a video game to introduce and coincide with the launch of the brand’s spring summer 2015 collection (SS15), and it is fabulous!✨💋 Best of all, this snazzy 30 minute game is free to play in your web-browser, right in the comfort of your own butt groove.



The story goes; hate has spread across the world, and only a special agent armed with advanced love technology and dressed (conveniently) in Björn Borg approved apparel can save the day. Seek out and eliminate haters by firing special weaponized kisses until their clothes fall off, you can then “liberate” them from hate with your love beam, which miraculously has them walking out of a cloud of sparkles and perfume looking suprefly and getting their dance on. Go figure.

The learning curve for the controls is super simple, the gameplay is fun and the graphics are surprisingly good, more than any subsidiary material needs to be really. A welcomed burst of zest (and weirdness) to the often routine first person genre. But more miraculous is that this doesn’t feel like your typical ego-centric, sometimes misogynistic display of self-centered fashion promotion. First Person Lover is just a fabulous game. Spread the 💖 yall!

Here’s the entire extravagant game-inspired runway show during Fashion Week Stockholm 2014, for your viewing pleasure:

Celebrating individuality, love and fashion in a digital era, the show served as a teaser for the Björn Borg ”First Person Lover” computer game, releasing worldwide in January 2015 together with the brand’s SS15 collection. — Clothing-line: Video Game:





~ by Fionnlagh on February 14, 2015.

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