Auckland Lantern Festival in Albert Park


Chinese lantern festival in Auckland City’s Albert Park. The lanterns were nice. The crowds were huge. The open mic karaoke was terrible. The aroma from the food stalls along Princes Street was palpable (hmm, no I don’t think I like that word; palpable). Food from the various Asian food stalls smelt delicious. The festival was OK, I suppose. What it symbolises however is far more important than my thoughts of the evening.

Traditionally the lantern festival is held at the end of the 15 day observation of the Chinese New Year, but this year the lantern festival was held early. There were over 800 handmade Chinese lanterns throughout Albert Park as the festival now in its 16th year celebrated the ‘Year of the Goat’.

Craig Robertson, a.k.a. Sand and Glassimg_8607a

Fahimah Khanat Albert Park, Auckland.

Ha! I just remembered; while me and my friend were walking and admiring the green lanterns that hung from the tree branches above us, we overheard a conversation from the women walking behind us who were talking about their legs in deep descriptive terminology — varicose veins and sagginess. I think I remember the word capillary being mentioned, and the colour blue. It was the weirdest overheard conversation I think I’ve ever been in the vicinity of hearing, but a funny/awkward moment between the both of us. My memory has since suppressed that particular moment.

img_1878 (photo by Graeme Cash)

2015-02-28 22.39.26

Fahimah Khan

Craig Robertson, a.k.a. Sand and Glassimg_8651a

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