Yesss! The FCC voted to preserve Net Neutrality — We saved the internet!!!


This calls for victory music:

In the early days of the net, few people had access to it and fewer people knew what it even was or could be. It was a digital wild west, where creative people and entrepreneurs alike experimented with this new medium. The internet was a wild place, and over the years, content providers of all walks of life have shaped it into what it is today. The internet is beautiful! Everyone; EVERYONE uses it. So naturally, the vultures that are big corporations only interested in control and money, literally came out of nowhere to seize control and assume themselves as masters of this place we the people have created, and only after the fact. This is what corporations do. It’s complete and utter BS, and thank goodness the majority of people in the world acknowledge that, because if Comcast and other ISPs (Internet service providers) had their way, well, I don’t doubt for a second that things would have radically changed for the world.

Fight For The Future

~ by Fionnlagh on February 28, 2015.

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