Bridge lighting up for birthday buzz

Bridge lighting up for birthday buzz

The lights and music on the Harbour Bridge will run for four hours tonight, tomorrow and Saturday for the next six weeks.

Auckland’s Harbour Bridge will light up tonight as part of celebrations for the city’s 175th birthday, thanks to telco 2degrees.

More than 51,000 light bulbs and 1000 LED light tubes along the bridge will be flicked on for the ‘Play the Bridge’ show’s opening evening at 7.30.

“This has been six months in planning so we’re really excited to finally be in a position to share this with New Zealand,” 2degrees chief marketing officer Malcolm Phillipps said.

The four-hour show, which will also feature music selected by members of the public, is due to run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7.30pm on the city-facing side of the Harbour Bridge for the next six weeks.

“We are proud of this Kiwi innovation and very much looking forward to the whole country getting involved in playing the bridge,” Mr Phillipps said.

~ NZ Herald

~ by Fionnlagh on March 12, 2015.

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