The Gaming Culture of eSPORTS

VIDEO GAMES! I can shout it aloud and no one will bat a lash. It is crazy to think that even just those two words were only uttered among friends back when I was a kid, but now, the neighbours, possibly everyone you pass on the street, babies is diapers, heck, the whole world has been shown the light of how amazing video games can be, which brings us to an unprecedented moment in our history where we the gamers can celebrate said amazingness on a scale of household LAN-party skirmish mode, to stadium global-super-stardom-career-survival-horror-mode — I’m talking eSports, babies in diapers!

VICE (they are the best, really, subscribe to all their channels) had their investigative host Matt Shea delve into the still relatively exclusive world of competitive online gaming, to uncover the secrets of digital youth culture abroad, gaming cafés, cosplay, fame, and the millions of dollars worth of materialised wealth that gamers have amassed for themselves by simply playing good and merchandising, all in this five part mini-documentary series:

Millionaire Gaming Prodigies: Welcome to eSPORTS (Part 1/5)

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France. VICE host Matt Shea flew to South Korea, a country where competitive gaming—also known as eSports—can either make you rich and famous or land you in rehab.

Inside Korea’s Gaming Rehab Clinic: eSPORTS (Part 2/5)

In Part Two of the five-part series, we get a crash course in how to be a professional commentator—or “shoutcaster”—at the studios of one of the most popular eSports YouTube channels. After that, Matt gets his brain zapped by a neuropsychiatrist at one of South Korea’s gaming addiction rehab centers, and we try on character costumes at the HQ of the country’s best cosplay team.

Meet KSI – Gaming’s Celebrity Anti-hero: eSPORTS (Part 3/5)

In Part Three, we head to London to meet KSI, a millionaire gamer who became rich and famous by vlogging his FIFA matches. At a VIP gaming party we have our first encounter with the One Direction of Europe’s eSports scene: Team FNATIC. We follow them to Gamescom, the biggest gaming event in the world, to see them take on Team Alliance for Europe’s top title.

The Dark Side Of Non-Stop Gaming: eSPORTS (Part 4/5)

In Part Four, a group of college gamers take us on a night out in Seoul, where we stop by at the city’s famous PC cafés before heading to its biggest superclub—an experience that blows the mind of one of the gamers, who is a nightclub first-timer. Through the haze of a soju hangover, we get invited behind the scenes of a Korean gaming house. Later that evening, we meet an e-athlete who got caught up in a match-fixing scandal that drove him to a suicide attempt.

The Million Dollar Game: eSports (Part 5/5)

In the final part of eSports, we join 40,000 screaming fans at the League of Legends world final—the highest-attended eSports match in history. As we watch the future stars of the competitive gaming world ascend to glory, we’re left wondering how physical sports will ever catch up.


XD jks. I make fun only because I love my first person shooters and don’t play League of Legends. Just looks like a massively multiplayer online waste of time to me. Speaking of love and pro-gaming, I was the first New Zealand gamer to sign up for and pay to kick butt at a gaming event held back in 2004. Yes, I really was that eager/good. But everyone I knew never played the things I liked .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. now I just blog …oh the feels!

Can’t wait for eSports to catch on around the world though, only because after eSports is made accessible, we may finally see some real ultra-pornographic death-match tournaments happening, yeeeahhh, Double Kill, Multi Kill, Mega Kill, Ultra Kill, Monster Kill, Ludicrous Kill, HOLY S**T!!!


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