The Likeness of Woman

drawingclub 2015-04-07 18.56.06Since the daylight hours are shortening, one of the outdoor life drawing sessions I enjoy attending had its final get-together on Tuesday. I normally leave during the final pose, I guess to avoid meeting people, but this time I stuck around to applaud the dancer come life model, the DJ, and Cleo Barnett the organiser, for hosting this neat event. I had a word with her afterwards and she gave me her details should anything similar take place throughout the year. Cleo is quite well known among creative circles apparently.

Drawing Club - 2

I’d like to think that I have a distinctive style. Not sure. I have always started from a person’s eyes, but I want to change that and learn how to begin from a basic line structure, while also getting better at drawing hands:

Drawing Club - 1

Afterwards, while unwinding my earphones at the lights, readying myself for the uphill walk to another drawing session in town, I ended up doing the very thing I most avoid and met someone new, a fellow artist named Janette, who I figured was pretty skilled simply by the look of her, not to mention simply pretty, and taking a note from Cleo’s previous act, I too shared my details. Although I’m not holding my breath over Janette hitting me up, I hope she looks into the sketch session I mentioned — speaking of:

Maree - Dr. Sketchy

It was a good night. Wondering to myself, if I don’t drive into the city next time and partake in the consumption of an alcoholic beverage of some sort, would that equal a fantastic night?! …Or, just, really shitty art-not-works?

I felt obliged to put an extra effort into my sketches that evening, primarily because I’m quite certain I was sitting next to Maree’s (life model) husband. I know right. Mind you, he was drawing too. So no dick pics or Roman orgy scenes graced the pages of my book.

Assorted photos taken by myself / Peter Jennings / Andrew Hales

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