Fond Memories of Gunships & Incompetence [F]

1998’s Godzilla movie by German film director Roland Emmerich (the American remake of the Japanese classic daikaiju, ゴジラ, Gojira) was on television tonight. I didn’t watch it.


The advert for it did trigger a bout of laughter in me though. I remember being high as a mf and watching this movie in my friend’s bedroom, years ago. It is one of, if not, the most unintentionally hilarious scenes in blockbuster movie history, and on that day, man I completely lost my shit XD Do you want to know why? Watch these pilots get turnt up!!!

Funny shit. Needed some dubstep. Seriously though, that one pilot is literally shooting the shit out of people’s homes:

literally killing people right now

Utter nonsense. And I’m curious; is there a reason why the three pilots are of different ethic backgrounds? It is like a bad joke or something — OK so, one asian, one black and one white pilot fly into New York city. The black guy blows up the Chrysler Building, dies, the asian guy doesn’t know how to aim but opens fire on several residential apartments anyway, dies, and the white guy doesn’t mess up at all, he just dies because of the incompetence of his two wingmen. …I did say bad joke. I bet Godzilla gets it, that troll. All of it is ridiculous. This movie sux. I like Jean Reno though, he is all good.

I won’t be harsh on the rest of the movie though because of the fond memories I have associated with it. Not referring to drugs this time; my mother took me into the city one night to watch it. I was a kid then, but I remember. It was raining and very dark. She wore a puffy, dull pink snow jacket. Kept me close. Warm. My little sister wasn’t there with us for some reason. After the movie, mum took me to an underground, all you can eat Pizza Hut restaurant in the Strand Arcade. Still raining. Hours spent and all I remember are these little moments. The meal came with a rubber hand puppet, a bust of Godzilla. I can remember lots of things my parents probably think I wouldn’t. But I do. …The movie itself however, is quite unmemorable.

~ by Fionnlagh on May 2, 2015.

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