Special Company & the Best Spring Rolls I Will Ever Have

We met eyes and smiled. ‘Did I know her’; I remember thinking to myself. She left the room. I deliberated between using a 4B or 2B pencil, comparing their strengths of shade on paper. The night’s models were introduced. I noticed that girl had returned, to a new seat this time, closer, as the drawing session began. Time passed. Intermission came for the models and people in the room dispersed. We met eyes and smiled again, her and me. I tried thinking of something to say at that point, to meet her. Something casual… “Hi. Can I see your drawings?” We exchanged pads and wound up complementing one another. We spoke about stuff but my mind is a blur. I do remember her asking me what my age was though, before telling me to guess hers. We laughed. Life-models returned. I moved seats, sat next to her, and she was cool with it, inviting. Everyone was drawing now and glancing at each others work in-between poses. Second intermission came. We drew each other during that time. She has her own unique style; quirky and cute. Fast but still very detailed. By comparison I realized how slow I actually was at sketching. Details I’m good at, but completion of an overall picture, well, I’m not so efficient with given time, let me just say. That’s me below. My portrait. Damn I look suave.


The rest of the night was all smiles. The drawing session came to an end, but I didn’t want to leave just yet. Didn’t feel like saying goodbye. I asked if she was hungry, and we decided to stroll down the street together to find an open eatery. Everywhere was closed and the further down the street we walked the more homeless drunkards there seemed to be. Found someone’s wallet on a café table. The owner came out and claimed it belonged to his friend. He was still open, menu seemed legit, so we ordered something light and continued to talk. Just our luck. I can’t explain it fully, but meeting and getting to know her felt, intuitive. Tonight’s sketch session wasn’t as fun as previous ones, but meeting someone new and discovering we had things in common felt incredible. Felt right. How it should be. Is this what happens when people interact with one another? When two people click, I mean. Or perhaps by her own admission, she is well-traveled, and I should just get out more to meet more of her/my like? Sorry, I am getting introspective again. Either way, I felt very good being around her last night. She was, special company.

Jellovee is a freelance animator, and a really talented one at that, so if you are ever looking for animation work, hopefully you like her style. Here is her website with some of the things she has been commissioned to produce <<www.jellovee.com>> I have a favourite, but I present for you her show-reel:

~ by Fionnlagh on May 6, 2015.

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