Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal in Tribute to Meme Creator Ryan McHenry

On the eve of May 4, 2015, Ryan McHenry, age 27, after battling bone cancer, peacefully passed away in his sleep at his parents’ home in Dumfries, Scotland. Ryan McHenry was the creator of your favorite meme “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”. In tribute, Ryan Gosling posted this Vine in which he finally does eat his cereal:

“I was watching ‘Drive’ and eating cereal one day, and it kind of looked like Ryan Gosling was staring at my cereal,” McHenry told EW regarding the origins of the meme.

And not to make this post solely about Ryan Gosling; here are two short films made in 2012 by Ryan McHenry called “TOAST” & “ZOMBIE MUSICAL” which won McHenry and crew a BAFTA and a feature film deal:

After an attempt to win a romantic trip for two to Hawaii goes horribly wrong, Robert Read finds himself with thousands of pieces of toast and a nasty habit for kidnapping postmen…

The short film that started it all. This film got us a feature film deal with Black Camel Pictures (OUTPOST franchise, SUNSHINE ON LEITH), and won us a BAFTA. It’s three years since we filmed it and we’ve moved on a lot as film makers, but with the feature in very late development we can finally show this to the world!

~ by Fionnlagh on May 9, 2015.

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