David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee Commercial


Visual artist, musician, actor, and author David Lynch, also has his own brand of coffee! He has a serious love for the stuff, and as a coffee aficionado, it’s a guarantee that the coffee beans that go into his David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee are top notch. Naturally, his commercial may go over the heads of many people, which just goes to prove the point of how the goodness of his coffee is beyond our basic human understanding (but not appreciation of course) — He is David Lynch after all.

Yeah… The commercial was posted on Lynch’s official Facebook page earlier this month, but know that it was actually directed by Andrew Parkhurst. David Lynch’s own directed commercial made in 2013 was weird and featured his voice having a conversation with a static head of a barbie doll, for 4 minutes. Yeah…

To further aid your Lynch fix, here is a Georgia Coffee commercial (aired in Japan) that David Lynch did with the cast of Twin Peaks:

And because this is a good tie-in and I don’t actually remember if I posted this already or not, here is every mention of pie and coffee, and every sip of coffee, in the two seasons of Twin Peaks:

…I admire this guy.


~ by Fionnlagh on May 10, 2015.

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