German Director Uwe Boll Hates Kickstarter & Hollywood

If you aren’t familiar with Uwe Boll, well…good for you. Seriously, you should ignore this post, because this man may trigger your disdain for humanity and storytellers in general.

Uwe Boll Wants Marvel Fans To Go F@#K Themselves

The story is, basically, Uwe Boll is still making awful movies. How? Well, that’s the frustrating mystery that has been on everyone’s minds for a long time now. German tax exempts had something to do with it, but now, fortunately, that has changed (no more shitty game adaptations). However, recently Uwe Boll took to crowdfunding his projects via Kickstarter, only that venture did not reach the target amount of money Uwe Boll had hoped for, so instead of trudging onward and making a movie with what he has, Mr. Boll went on a rant and bitched against the people who didn’t support him (you), people who pay to see Hollywood movies at the theaters (you), the people who referred him to use Kickstarter as a means to generate money in the first place (his own fans), and all foreign film investors, which basically means his career in movie-making and distribution may be in jeopardy of ending (finally). But let’s hear this straight from the horse’s mouth:

This guy. I had no idea he had a YouTube Vlog channel, and it is exactly what I expected from him. My goodness Uwe Boll, I don’t know how to put this into words…I love, to hate you. The love comes from the fact that you have the means to make movies and I admire that, the hate is from, well, it scares me that you even have a platform to do so, because you suck at it. If your movies were remotely good you might be one of my favourite directors of all time, but they are not. And you hate game developers, which is crazy! Biting the hand that feeds and all. I know what it is; you are an enigma, in the system, which is interesting because technically no one knows how it is that you are so bad at making movies and incapable of learning anything new. If it’s money you want, wouldn’t making something good yield greater rewards? Uwe Boll…I cant even!

I advise that no one wastes their time watching his terrible movies, but watch the video below to get a grasp of the man who makes them, and maybe you’ll understand the complexity of my love hate relationship with this frustration inducing, profane personality:

Minus the racism, he may have a point or two, but his message is lost in his heated delivery, naive as it comes. I suspect Uwe either went bankrupt or he just learnt that no one, not one person, wants his movies. Or maybe this is what Uwe Boll is and was always about — hubris.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 11, 2015.

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