Grand Theft Auto New Zealand, Bro


Kiwi GTA V fan and modder, Andre Hema-Kani, went and modified a city rife with textures of New Zealand companies and local brands. Waipukurau resident and father-of-two, Andre hasn’t made the mod public yet, but plans to at some point in the future, because apparently people want to play it:

“I pretty much wanted to turn the game into somewhere that reminded me of home. Driving around, seeing familiar things. It was more for myself than anyone else, but I’ve had heaps more interest than I expected. I only put it on Reddit to see if my gaming friends were into it, and if people in New Zealand would actually download it.” ~ Andre

Someone did attempt this back in 2008, a Karori teenager named Stacy O’Callaghan, 17, but the police were investigating if they could charge the young man under the Police Act for using the New Zealand Police uniform and car livery. Not sure what the outcome to that story was, but Andre, should he make it public, is mindful of the associated copyrights; “I don’t want to get into trouble,” he said.

As for the gang patch; down here in the Southern Hemisphere, the street gangs look intimidating as fuck — eat your heart out L.A. — Mongrel Mob portraits by photographer Jono Rotman:

…I bet they smell like mothballs.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 20, 2015.

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