“MISS TODD” [musical stop-motion animation]

It’s 1909, and the whole world is waking to the possibilities of flight. Miss Todd dreams of flying, but she’s got more than gravity holding her down. This is the story of her determination, her perseverance, and her passion — inspired by Emma Lilian Todd, the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane. This is a terrific tale and a lovely celebration of one of aviation’s pioneering women:

Lucie Jones as Miss Todd, Tristan Chenais as Didier Masson, Joy McBrinn as Mrs. Sage, Peter Marinker as Grandpa Joe. Director/Co-writer Kristina Yee / Writer Frances Poletti / Producer Suzanne Mayger / Cinematographer Nick Cooke / Production Designer Isona Rigan / Editor Michele Chiappa / Composer Matt Kelly / Sound Designer Tom Lock Griffiths / VFX Supervisor/Colourist Kamaljit Bains / SFX Supervisor Phil Chapman / Production Manganger Greorgia Orwell / Artistic Coordinator Pallavi Davé. <<full-credits.html>>

To validate that this tale truly was inspired by a real person in history; voilà:

E. Lilian Todd (1906)

Emma Lilian Todd (1865–1937), was a self-taught inventor who grew up with a love for mechanical devices and was the first woman in the world to design airplanes. She also invented and patented “a cabinet with a folding table, a cannon to be fired at noon by sun power, a unique sundial, and an aeolian harp device to be fastened in a tree where it would be played by the wind.” …I have trouble working a can-opener 60% of the time.

'Miss Todd' has been adapted into a children's picture book‘Miss Todd’ has been adapted into a children’s picture book, entitled ‘Miss Todd and Her Wonderful Flying Machine!’

Using stills from the short film, the story of Miss Todd comes to life in a whole new medium, thanks to publishers Compendium, Inc.  We hope that Miss Todd will go on and inspire the next generation to follow their dreams, and know that nothing can hold them down — not even gravity!

Available @ Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and in all good book stores.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 21, 2015.

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