Man Parks in Handicap Spot in Brazil, Gets His Car Turned Into a Blue PiñAta and Is Publicly Shamed

park prank

Dammmnnnn. Epic public shaming of a non-handicapped driver who should have known better than to park in a disabled parking spot. If this video is any indication, the people of Brazil take illegal handicap parking very seriously. With the help of the jeering crowd and this now re-playable visual scar, here’s hoping the message sinks in.

People who abuse disabled parking zones are the WORST. They think they’re entitled to park where ever they want, completely disregarding the inconvenience they are causing to someone that actually needs to park in the disabled parking zone. Often, these people go without punishment, but after this man decided to carelessly park in a disabled parking spot, he was taught a lesson he wont soon forget. Hopefully next time he’ll think twice before parking in the disabled zone. Things could have gone down differently for sure, so just don’t do it!


~ by Fionnlagh on June 29, 2015.

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