Rose McGowan Was Fired by Her Agent for Criticizing Hollywood Sexism


Sexism (contextual sexism?) on a (pseudo-)professional level. Actress Rose McGowan spoke out against a recent casting note for an Adam Sandler project that insinuated she flaunt her sex, after which Rose McGowan was dropped by her agent who essentially chose not to represent her interests and thus ignoring two very important issues; 1. sexism is not OK, and 2. Adam Sandler sux. Seriously, why all the yelling? Is it tourettes?


Here’s a good, candid interview with Rose McGowan followed by a clip from her directorial debut, “Dawn”

She became famous very quickly and went on a whirlwind journey through “Hollywood,” all the while working long hours on a TV show. After a couple very tough years, she is back with a short film, Dawn, and a new passion for the work and for life. Meet Rose McGowan (Shot in Toronto, September 2014).

~ by Fionnlagh on July 2, 2015.

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