I am a loner
I like to seek
I can write
I want to fuck
I need to fight
By no means am I weak
Struggling is my affirmation I should be here — alive
I may seem poor
But I am alright
Let me be around you in peace
I save people in darkness
They are the chosen knights
I am a loner
But I am not alone
And I am far from heartless
Sing and I will listen
Dance and I will follow
Speak and together we will understand
Tastes pity, but does not swallow
We are all alone in our thoughts
Some, providence born to never hold hands
Despite this we all belong
Behind eyes tethered to souls
Seeking to write the inexperience of self only glimpsed through another soul’s touch
To be a loner, one must traverse the distance of many lands
Inner, outer and the undiscovered spaces between
I am a loner
But why, to what end, must you be so cruel?

~ Fionnlagh

~ by Fionnlagh on July 8, 2015.

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