Foo Fighters Lets Fan Play Drums — “Big Me”

Fan Plays Drums for Foo FightersFan Plays Drums for Foo Fighters 2

Sitting atop his own throne of rock instruments, Dave Grohl spotted a fan, Anthony Bifolchi, holding a sign in the front row who had a birthday wish to drum with the Foo Fighters. Faithful to Grohl’s no-nonsense name, he and drummer Taylor Hawkins agreed to take a chance on their eager fan and grant his wish. With the audience’s expectations put in jeopardy, Dave Grohl swore; “you better not suck!”

“Dave Grohl saw my sign and called me up on stage to play a song. Sorry for the fuck up at the end but It was fucking amazing. Best experience ever. 09/07/15” ~AB

Dave Grohl injured his leg on tour in Gothenburg, Sweden after falling offstage during a Foo Fighters concert on 12 June. Enduring such an injury would incapacitate anyone from continuing in the activity that caused the injury in the first place, but not Dave. For the Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary, commemorating the release of their first album in 1995, the Foo Fighters returned to their live performance in the US with a new tour called, the Foo’s “Break a Leg” Tour.

game of grohls

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