Freaky Flowers — Echinopsis Cactus Flowers Blooming Like Bursting Fireworks [time-lapse]

Echinopsis cacti have some of the most brilliant flowers of any cactus, with vibrantly colored petals and explosive blooms — The trick is actually seeing it. The cacti bloom only late at night, and even then the peak moment of beauty may only last an hour or two at the most. Lucky for us, Echinopsis enthusiast Greg Krehel has a knack for catching these blooming succulents in the act.

When one of his specimens looks like it’s about to bloom, Krehel brings it inside and films it overnight with a special HD time-lapse setup. Gathered in this video is a montage of his favorite shots from the 2014 season, and he’s already posting new videos from this spring on Vimeo (via National Geographic):

“The evening when it looks like a plant’s flowers are about to bloom, I bring it indoors to image. Most of the clips in this montage show approximately 8 hours of change as the flowers open and bloom. A little more than halfway through the montage, there’s a series of three clips showing different views of a 24-hour period in the life of a yellow-flowered ‘Daydream’ plant.

I hope you enjoy “Freaky Flowers” and invite you to contact me via my Vimeo account and/or visit where you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about these cacti.” ~ Greg Krehel

Visit either one of Krehel’s links and it is clear to see that this man has fallen in love with Echinopsis cacti, so much so that he even gave them an endearing pet name. Endearing in the sense I suppose, because these beautiful plants really aren’t that freaky at all.

If they were to spring legs and decided to literally dance about and burst like fireworks, now that type of behaviour would be freaky.

Freaky Cactuar

~ by Fionnlagh on July 20, 2015.

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