Six-Word Science Fiction Stories

Original illustration by Tom Gauld

My dad, using the online alias @BranePowerGuy, submitted a science fiction story to a blog dedicated to all things science fiction, fantasy, futurism, science and technology. The twist being, all submissions had to be no less than six words long. My dad’s micro-narrative was one of the featured best-ofs, nothing serious of course, something fun among readers, and a very funny thought for me:


Jetpack Locked! FUCK! Missed monthly subscription.

Having exhausted their brains and written their very own six-word science fiction mini-epics, these writers are some of the finest six-word storytellers to watch out for — featuring two lonely time-travelers locked in a doomed inter-dimensional romance, a cyborg frantically searching for their lost charger, and a typewriter with something to prove—and they’re all told in just six words:


Time Traveler seeks partner; have met.


“Lost charger,” the cyborg said, dying.


“I won’t lose”, the typewriter vowed.


First Officer’s log: redshirt killed captain.

Sid M

Darkness spread, undeterred by the sun.


The god needed rebooting yet again.


Cells, plants, fish, mammals, humans, nothing.

James Ryan

Alternate timelines make great vacation getaways!

Dan Entwistle

My clone is perfectly me. Unfortunately.

Kind of ridiculous, but kind of neat too. Think you can write a story in six words?

~ by Fionnlagh on August 16, 2015.

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