Dream Tears — What Is the Meaning? [F]

dream tears

I woke up during the early hours of the morning, crying. Yes, I cried. And then I remember crying some more, before I cried myself back to sleep. In my dream, I realised something truly worth being afraid of — loneliness, and the importance and frailty of the impressions we give each other. I used to think people who came close to the brink of life shared some common form of intelligence, like they all had seen what so many couldn’t, shared a more beautiful vision of the world than the one they themselves had experienced, and understood some unseen disparity within society; but I was wrong, they are all foolish, foolish for not wanting, for themselves, the only thing that matters in life. Friendship. The truest reason to live — simple human connection. This was my initial reaction the next day to my dream induced sadness, and I suppose I could read more into it if I tried, but that is not something I actually feel like exploring.

I don't Want To Be Alone

In my dream; a man was yelling at me on the sidewalk over a near-miss he blamed me for inciting, something to do with an expensive trailer or boat parked in his driveway. I argued with the man telling him that nothing happened so he shouldn’t be so upset. Then he poured something over my head, laughed about it, and went back to his group of mates. I just walked away. No use fighting. Held my composure. I passed some people I knew who were calling out to me, but I just wanted to get to a bathroom, clean myself. Someone tried following after me, and I heard someone else say; “Let him go, you know how he is.” I turned a corner and at that point in the dream, I felt weak, shortly after collapsing to the floor in tears only a few meters away from the door. Someone came to help me up but I told them to leave me alone. There were more dreams before that, but that is the one that I woke up from. Waking up sad and crying isn’t actually the thing that I’m concerned about though. It’s that I continued to… IDK. Did I figure something out or did my brain just get the better of me? One thing is for sure; at least my tear-ducts are in working order. Thanks subconsciousness, you cryptic trickster, you!

~ by Fionnlagh on August 22, 2015.

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