My Vague Intermittent Health Issues & Pain Relief Rant [F]

Hey, I’m baaack! Been feeling not so great as of late. In the last three weeks I have endured an infection, abdominal pains, and a high fever, twice. I don’t take acetaminophen or any anti-inflammatory drugs because A) I believe it is important I feel pain and don’t want to risk dulling any symptoms (not sure how that belief originated) and(/or) B) I am just too stubborn/hard/dumb to change. I didn’t attend uni for the last week and I didn’t tell my family the severity of my pain specifically because I don’t like causing my mother any worry. I didn’t consult a medical professional for antibiotics anytime during either, so I saved money in that respect too. I do feel dumb…but better.

I had a similar infection when I was a child, but I don’t think the two are related, and this time last year I discovered a swollen lump on the back of my head, and in the consultation with my GP, he told me it was a lymph node that was nothing to worry about, just my body taking care of itself naturally. That extremely brief, less than 10-minute appointment cost me $30, and I do worry because although the swelling disappeared within a day, there remains a firm bump in the spot where the swell occurred a year ago. So what am I really paying for when I am sick; relief for my body or my mind via a doctor’s assurance? Because I do believe my body is capable of healing itself given time (for some things), I guess I just want to be spared the bullshit and placebo effects especially if I am the one who has to ultimately pay for them. Pain serves an important function, does it not? If its cause cannot be eliminated outright, then why do people believe it is normal to ignore what their body is telling them by ingesting something that merely masks the symptom? I would like to ask, do you think it is OK to juggle between when and when not to see a doctor, or should one ALWAYS seek a doctor when pain strikes?

Damn my high tolerance, strong pain threshold and impeccable state of mind *cough cough*. Honestly though, sorry how this turned into a tmi rant about my personal health, I guess I just want you to know that there is an average person behind what you see written on this blog (be gone web developers and government spy agencies), who can and most probably will vacate whenever from time to time for whatever. And rest assured, I will always let you know if the reason for my hiatus is due to my own stupidity XD Yeah, my rant game is still strong. I have also discovered that as much as I hate getting sick, I hate catching up on academic readings and writing essays more. So much precious time wasted. Sheesh, I’ve got to kick into high gear if I want to win @life.


~ by Fionnlagh on September 26, 2015.

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